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Shakespeare High ~ Youth Storytelling

SHAKESPEARE HIGH is a feature-length documentary about a determined group of teens whose immersion in the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California's high school drama program compels them to overcome their difficulties and create better lives for themselves.

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STORIES FROM THE INSIDE is a confronting and hard-hitting documentary

Masaki Fujihata: "Voices of Aliveness"

Voices of Aliveness by (Masaki Fujihata) (JP) invites people to ride a bicycle on the a special path prepared exclusively for this project called the "shouting circuit". The bicycles are equipped with a GPS recorder and a video camera. As participants ride the bicycle, traces of their path and shouts will be transformed into cyberspace in the shape of ring. The collected rings from each participant will be compiled to form a tower-like "time tunnel" – a cyber tunnel of collected shouting that extended toward the heavens. credit: Masaki Fujihata

Pentimento Storytelling - The St. Louis Storymapping Project”

“Pentimento” is a collection of individual short documentary films pinned to a virtual map. The documentaries are produced by the Midwest Center for Media Literacy, hiring apprentice directors to document stories in their neighborhoods. Check out the geolocated docs on their locations.