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Object-Based Storytelling

The Significant Objects Project set out to answer the question can story transform an ordinary object  by recruiting an impressive crew of creative writers to invent stories about an unimpressive menagerie of items rescued from thrift stores and yard sales. Does the value of objects increase with story?

Read the extraordinary object-based stories from this menagerie of writers:

Chris Adrian • Rob Agredo • Kurt Andersen • Rachel Axler • Rob Baedeker • Nicholson Baker • Rosecrans Baldwin • Matthew Battles • Charles Baxter • Kate Bernheimer • Susanna Breslin • Kevin Brockmeier • Matt Brown • Blake Butler • Meg Cabot • Tim Carvell • Patrick Cates • Dan Chaon • Susanna Daniel • Adam Davies • Kathryn Davis • Matthew De Abaitua • Stacey • D'Erasmo • Helen DeWitt • Doug Dorst • Mark Doty • Ben Ehrenreich • Mark Frauenfelder • Amy Fusselman • William Gibson • Myla Goldberg • Ben Greenman • Jason Grote • Jim Hanas • Jennifer Michael Hecht • Sheila Heti • Christine Hill • Dara Horn • Shelley J…

STORIES FROM THE INSIDE is a confronting and hard-hitting documentary

Blended narrative: Extending Story via App

Screen shot of the Night Filmdecoder app
In the blended narrative by Author Marisha Pessl uses film trailers, apps and other digital content to promote and enhance her NIGHT FILM novel. Pessl describes her five short films as "windows into the universe" of her novel extending her story across media.

Digital Storytelling Drives Social Change

The Mashable article Digital Storytelling Drives Social Change in Off/Page Project features Youth Speaks, in partnership with the Center for Investigative Reporting, officially launched the Off/Page project on Wednesday, providing "a multimedia platform for young people.